DollyWould | Preview

Things are about to get Sh!t at The MAC – Sh!t Theatre that is…

Preview & Interview by Gemma McSherry

After a sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, performance art duo and 2016 Fringe First winners, Becca and Louise of Sh!t Theatre, a name chosen for themselves after they heard someone describe performance art as ‘shit theatre’ – “we decided to reclaim it and own the term for ourselves; bringing their newest endeavour, DollyWould to Belfast for two nights only. Having proven to be hit with festival-goers and critics alike, DollyWould is first and foremost a piece that comes from the extreme love in a time of extreme global unrest.

“We both adore Dolly Parton, but it is important to note that this isn’t a tribute show…”

Exploring themes around death, cloning and legacy through a “playing out of conceptual ideas” DollyWould is a show which allows itself the freedom to say many things, whilst ensuring the audience enjoy an intimate, funny and thought-provoking show.

“All of our past works have come from places of anger so far, Women’s Hour (which showed at The MAC last September) Letters from Windsor House; they’ve all had an undertone of anger and they have been made to seek answers, DollyWould is the antithesis of anger.”

That’s not to say that this show is all fun and games, Sh!t Theatre has been synonymous with politicised art and this show doesn’t completely devoid itself of a serious narrative. Exploring the female body and the way that women’s bodies are treated is as much in the undercurrent of this work as a love of Dolly Parton is at the forefront.

“Performing any work in Belfast where being a woman is a political act in a way that it isn’t anywhere else in the UK is a real privilege. That our work can make a commentary on the political position of women in Northern Ireland is something that causes us to actually feel great empathy towards the women of Northern Ireland. Our work certainly takes on a sharper edge in Belfast.”

With that in mind, DollyWould is a show that celebrates the good and enables us to make sense of the bad – at a time when it is most needed. Showing at The MAC on 12 – 13 October, more information can be found at



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