Johanna Fegan – ‘Cutting Out The Noise’ | EP Review

Johanna Fegan – ‘Cutting Out The Noise’ | EP Review

By Stacy Fitzpatrick

This three track EP may be small but it certainly is mighty. The first track ‘Come Out Of The Water’ gently opens with Jo’s unmistakable voice gently commanding attention before empowered drums and bass kick in. Jo’s naturally powerful vocals come into force, reminiscent of a feisty Cyndi Lauper. Jagged bass and synths accompany Johanna’s forthright lyrics in ‘Stars’, a punk rock fiery track loaded with attitude. Third track ‘Don’t Love Me For Show’ performed with burning emotion reveals her impressive vocal harmony range.

Johanna Fegan with her formidable voice, true passion, drive and focus has hit the spot with this taster, coming into her own with her individual style. Cutting Out The Noise with its instantly catchy arrangements and forceful vocals lifts the energy. Perfect to shake off a bad day with some ferocious beats and zealous vocals.

_--joFor further reading: The Rise of Johanna Fegan on jOjO’Star

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