Warriors of the Dystotheque – ‘Just Breathe’ | EP Review

Warriors of the Dystotheque – ‘Just Breathe’ | EP Review

By Conor O’Neill

Just five tunes. Perfectly re-organised twice and with half their mind in the past and their head out the window. Warriors of the … no, don’t make me spell that name again! have one foot in a boot, the other in a slipper. Portis Head spring to mind, so do does Spacemen 3. Just Breathe is refreshing and relaxing, little tricks of beat and gorgeous Hammond organ soothe and sweeten a rotten tooth as you slowly gasp into the void just short of north but too far from the south to waste your mouth on a scream to a sigh.

EP with just two tunes on it? Cheeky. But if you run from Bella Deanie to the Dub affair you’ll understand this murder of crows from Ireland, France, UK and America’s reasoning, if you understand the beauty of collaboration. Well done chums, where ever and whoever you are. Where you’re going I don’t know, but I’ll quietly tag along for the ride. Port out, starboard home and away we slowly go. 5 AM dub trance which doesn’t quite boil over. Simmering

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