Anton: Saviour Of Belfast | Preview

Anton: Saviour of Belfast | Preview

The Black Box • Sunday 09 October 2016

By James-Alexander Johnson

Notorious performance artist ANTON: Saviour of Belfast will preach to you, my fellow Norn Irish folk, at the Black Box on Sunday 09 October as Belfast Comedy Festival rattles on for another weekend of unhinged humour. Adam Turns, the Mackem provocateur behind this warped enigma allowed us a slice of his week to prod and probe the spirit of ANTON. (Just don’t mention Mel Giedroyc.)

Who is Anton?
Anton is, in his own mind, the most exciting creative talent of his generation. In reality, he’s an awkward, self-absorbed buffoon. His ‘art’ is fatuous, vacuous and more than a little ridiculous.

Where does Anton come from?
He’s really a magnification of a little part of myself,  so we share quite a lot. He’s from Sunderland, like me, home to the world’s finest off-licence, Amy’s Winehouse. In his earliest incarnation he was from London, but the voice annoyed me.

What does Anton love?
Applause. Art. Himself.

What does Anton loathe?
Comedians. Other artists. Himself.

What was the last thing that made Anton laugh?
He doesn’t really like laughter. It is too base. He gets very frustrated and confused by audiences laughing rather than stroking their chins in deep reflection.

What should we expect from the Saviour of Belfast?
The show is Anton’s attempt to fix what he sees as a broken society. There’s music, video, live painting, storytelling and a bit with a teddy bear. I’ve lived in Belfast for 7 years, and the show plays on the fact that there are still some things that baffle, aggravate, surprise and delight me about this place.

Is it safe to sit on the front row of your Sermon?
It’s safe to sit in any seat, nobody will be made to look a prat. But everyone gets involved. People are his medium – without audience interaction, the whole thing falls on its arse.

If Anton was a religion, what three commandments would your disciples follow?
1. Art is action; action is art.
2. Thou shalt not be a comedian.
3. Think!

Dead or alive, name three people Anton would invite to his Last Supper?
Jackson Pollock, Truman Capote, and Sue Perkins (big fan). But not Mel Giedroyc.

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