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Literary Belfast Writers Section Dec’15

Belfast has an established literary presence in the world, both in its past and present. is a website that actively promotes Belfast’s Literary heritage and its new batch of critically acclaimed authors.

The websites audiovisual section takes the viewer on a whistle-stop tour of Belfast’s landmarks, where writers such as Martin Lynch inform us of the landmarks literary connections and history. In addition, each of the writers read an extract from their work and highlight some of the Belfast writers who have had an impact on their own work. The streets that we wander through every day, without giving a second thought to, suddenly become imbued with new and vibrant colours from the rich tapestry of literature that Belfast’s sons and daughters have so diligently produced.

In addition to the video profiles, the Writer’s section gives a synopsis of the history and development of the writers and a listing of their major works, all of which can be purchased at the online bookshop. There is also a listing of literary events, tours and news.

The website emphasises the need to develop and nurture the talents of young writers in Belfast, drawing attention to groups such as Belfast Inter-Schools Creative Writing Network and Equinox. The aim being to provide a platform and forum from which Belfast’s young writers can he read or heard. It also lists the reading events connected with same groups.

In the spirit of providing a platform for new writers, both young and old, we invite readers to email poetry, short stories or extracts from their work, no longer than 300 words to

We will select our favourites and print them in our monthly issues. Obviously we are pushed for space in the magazine, so we apologise in advance to those who do not get their work printed. Readers are advised to bear in mind the wise words of Stephen fry, ‘If an ass looks in, you can’t expect an angel to look out.’ We are not esteemed literary critiques, nor do we have any desire to be, we read because it’s a passion, and it’s in this spirit, that we will read and print your work.

Additionally, we will attempt to inform our readers of upcoming literary events in Belfast. We will share some of the literary treasures we have found and both welcome and print suggestions from readers. Together, we will adventure to pastures new, and with a little luck, find some thoughtful companions along the way, for the coffee shop, fireside or pub of ones choice.


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