On Marian Place | Book Review

On Marian Place | Book Review

Author: Terry Hickland

By Conor O’Neill

Reading the first chapters of this crime/thriller you might easily imagine it was written by a Hollywood, hair-slicked-backed, suave script-writer. How wrong you would be and I certainly didn’t believe it was the offering of a working-class man from my hometown of Lisburn.

The setting is 1994, the Serbian conflict is in full swing and the G8 is meeting in Germany to try and sort out the mess. Detective Chief Inspector, Detlef Schmitt of the German Intelligence Agency is to guard the Japanese Prime Minister. A chance encounter with an antique French bureau with a secret compartment begins a tale of: counter operations against the Serbian underworld, drugs, perfume, and other black market smuggling, money transfers, Czech semtex, assassination attempts, dodgy finance ministers, all contained within a jigsaw of a mystery through time, about the hunt for Nazi bullion and a murderous old man leading a double life.

Köhler isn’t your typical arch-criminal, he, like all of the other various characters are well thought through and each has their own little quirks. Schmitt, and thank the gods for this, isn’t your stereotypical world-weary copper with the whiskey in the drawer and the business end of a gun in his mouth as dawn breaks.

If you like history, car chases, tanker explosions and gripping crime thrillers, this should be right up your street.


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