Trad on the Square – Branding and Poster Design

Belfast TradFest presents Trad on the Square. The free family fun day takes place on Sunday 28 July at Writers Square.

ABOUT – Eclectic Media NI

CultureHUB Magazine has rebranded as Eclectic Media NI (EMNI). 

Like its predecessor CultureHUB, Belfast-based EMNI will continue to promote arts and culture throughout NI on the online platforms. These features will be represented in the form of design and media created by EMNI, this is alongside the latest news updates and announcements.

EMNI offers ‘out of the box’ design and creative solutions across the spectrum of mediums including branding, design for print, campaign, animation, motion graphics, promotional, commercial, social media advertising, editorial, corporate literature, journal and much more.

Any design and media services undertaken by EMNI will also get extensive advertising throughout the online platforms, with a collective audience reach of 10,0000 per week.

EMNI works within the community, voluntary, corporate and private sectors. The company specialises in design/media in the arts and culture sector.

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